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purse / bag / bumbag

purse / bag / bumbag


An answer to a simplified life style - when all you need to go out is your phone and keys. And maybe a passport to board a plane.

You can actually fit a lot more into it (within a reason), it's build like a concertina, so it does expand. 

It is based on the large purse, with the same pockets configuration, but without the card slots. It does, however, come with a strap which can either be a cross body strap or work as a belt for the waist bag . 

2 Sizes:

Size A: standard 18.5 x 12 cm 

Size B: wider 20 x 12cm

Please check your phone size to make sure it fits ( for standard size I fit Iphone 12 in a slim silicon case) 



* kin on the design but not the colours? no problem! I am happy to make it  in your colours/design choice, just ask, don't be shy!


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